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Integrated System of On-line and Off-Line Marketing Strategies Tailored to Meet Your Present and Future Needs.

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Check if that domain is available or who owns it.

By offering a full line of data and P.O.S. solutions that are integrated with on-line networks, we can free up manpower within your organization to allow you to expand your business . . without the need to expand your staff.  Or perhaps allow your existing staff to reach out into otherwise untapped markets.

We are able to cater to all your computer and Internet needs.  Drawing on the expertise of our partners to put together the package that best suites your particular enterprise.

Use the handy contact form at the top and bottom of the page to get us moving on your particular solution . . or drop a line to E-business Solutions . . or call our office 9 a.m. to Midnight 7/364 at 306-782-0000.

You can do it all yourself (if you have in-house expertise) or you can call on Becquet's to fill in the gaps.  We can:

  • Find and secure your Domain for you.
  • Determine and acquire the best hosting service to meet your needs.
  • Design and implement your Internet presentation.
  • Secure good placement on the search engines.
  • Build, maintain and manage your client database.
  • Integrate your in-house systems with a fully integrated network solution for inter-city, inter-province or international distribution systems.

Becquet's will destroy the old question of "How much will my website cost me?" and convert it to "How much it would have cost me not to have a Website?".  Because a properly implemented Web presence should either add to your income substantially more than it costs . . or subtract from your expenses to the same extent.

On-Line Grocery Shopping From Coast to Coast

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