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I am enthusiastic person with a strong zeal to build up my career in Diploma in computer science and engineering. Having five years of experience now. I am on look out for a job in an organization where challenging task, innovation, teamwork and knowledge sharing are entertained.
If given opportunity to work in your organization, I assure you that, I will work with arenewed anxiety, honesty and to the best of my abilities towards the growth of the company as well as my career enclosed is my career statistics and personal details for your kind persual.

Professional Objective
To get exposure to latest engineering tools and practices and contribute to the organization, to the best of my abilities.

Carrier Profile
For the past thirty months-starting from June 8th 2000 to the November 2002 worked as a GIS Operator at KKM Systems, this projects from the USA, which includes Microstation, geovec and USGS in digitizing projects several types of Hydro, Hypso, Trans, Man Made Structures, Boundary, Survey Mark Covers worked on Geographical Informational System environment.
For the past Twenty Nine months starting from 25th of the December 2002 to the 2nd of June 2005 worked as DVP Operator at Lotus Geo Solutions, This IGN projects from the Info Terra Limited, which includes digitizing Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Industrial Building Cutout, Church, Cemetery, Ruins, Road, Gravelled road, Track, Foot path, Embankment, Spotheights, Water-way, Water Area, Water Area Cutout etc, These are all using DVP software in 3D worked on Geographical Informational System Environment.

Nature of Work:
Naturally this total projects Digitizing, in this digitizing projects several types of 2D & 3D Maps like UKP, UKP007, Contours, Hypso, Hydro, Trans, Man Made Structures, Boundary, Survey, IGN, Image Enhancement

Project Details
Name of the Project : Production Plan and Stock Management System
Environment : FoxPro 2.5,DOS
Client : Hosur Ceramics Limited, Tamil Nadu, India
Duration : 6 Months
Role : Data collections and Development
The importance of designing the projects is to keep track of details of the incoming raw materials, outgoing projects, raw materials transferred from stock room to production section and also the particulars about the customers who purchase Products and the suppliers who supply the raw Materials. This project calculates the amount of raw materials received and also the amount of dispatched projects .Raw materials are purchased from suppliers and stored in this stock. The raw materials are transferred from stock room to production section. The quantity of raw materials is calculated based on the requirement of products. Using this calculation, the raw materials are producted into product. After production the Ceramic products are then transferred to stockroom, Finally the reports are producted.

Educational Background
General SSLC at state board of secondary education periathallapadi
Dt: Dharmapuri 1st class with 78% (March 1995)
PUC at state board of Higher Secondary Education Singarapettai
Dt: Dharmapuri 1st class with 75% (March 1997)

Level : Diploma (3 Years)
Grade : A/1st Class with 75%
Field of study : Computer Science and Engineering
Name of the Institution : State Board of Technical Education and Training
Location : Krishnagiri (Dt), Tamil Nadu-635001, India.

Professional Certificate Course
Level : Diploma in Computer Software
Grade : A/1st Class with 70.9%
Field of study : Computer Software
Institution Name : APTECH Computer Education
Location : Krishnagiri (Dt), Tamil Nadu-635001, India.

Availability : Immediately after notice period of day one or two

Language : Basic, C
Oops : C++
Packages : FoxPro, Dbase, and Ms-Office
Operating System : Windows 95/98/2k/XP, Dos.
Hardware : System assembling and software installation.

Job Responsibilities
Daily Rejection report preparation
Check Sheet Preparation
Control Plan Sheet

Course Taken in each year of study theory with lab
Semester: 3
Micro processor interfacing technologies,
Introduction to computers and basic programming,
Electronic devices and circuits,
Semester: 4
Digital electronics and microprocessor,
Assembly language programming,
System software,
Semester: 5
Computer Architecture,
Microprocessor based system design,
Programming in C,
PC Packages,
Semester: 6
Computer installation and servicing,
Introduction to computer communications and graphics,
Elective theory C++,
Organizational study and entrepreneurship,

Personal Profile

Name : K.Settu
Father's Name : M.Kannan
Date of birth : 15-10-1978
Nationality : Indian
Gender : Male
Marital Status : Single
Permanent Address: K.Settu S/O Kannan, Kali Amman KovilSt,Periathallapadi (PO), Uthangarai (Tk), Krishnagiri (Dt), Tamil Nadu-635307, India.
College Address : Govt.Polytechnic,Krishnagiri(Dt),Tamil Nadu-635307, India.

Passport Details
Passport No : B3172133
Valid : 2000 to 2010
Place of issue : Chennai (Tamil Nadu)
Checked : ECNR
Enquiry Address : Sinarapettai (Police Station), Periathallapadi (PO),Uthangarai (Tk),Krishnagiri (Dt), Tamil Nadu-635307, India.


M.Maddhesh (MAKINO ASIA PTE LTD)Block 269, #04-182,Bukit Batok,East Avenue 4, Singapore-650269,Tel.94357053

I give the above information all true to the best of knowledge.

Yours Faithfully

Date :
Place : Singapore

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