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Name: B. POOVALINGA GANESH #39, Balu Cycle Company,
Jaihindpuram 1st Street,
Madurai – 625 011. Tamilnadu.
E.Mail –
Cell.No – 98945 42489


1. Educational Qualification:

M.Sc., Environmental Remote Sensing

& Geo - Information Technology 2005 75.21%

Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai – 21. Tamil Nadu.

2. Research Experiences:

PROJECT – 3 Months for the partial fulfillment of the degree in

M.Sc., Environmental Remote Sensing & Geo - Information Technology -

Runoff Estimation using Remotely Sensed Data & GIS
Study area : Suruliyar & Koothanaichiar
Sub Watersheds
Data products used : LANDSAT ETM+
Softwares used : ERDAS Imagine 8.4 and
ARC View GIS 3.2a
Models used : US SCS model
Land use & Land cover data correlated with GTV (Ground Truth Verification) using random sampling method.

3. Knowledge in GIS software:( Geographical Information System)

Image Processing Software & Cartographic Software

? ERDAS Imagine 8.4

? ARC GIS 7.1.2

? ARC View GIS 3.2 a

? Map info Professional 5.0

? Surfer (Win 32) 6.03 (Surface Mapping System)

Knowledge in Engineering software

? AutoCAD (Digitization)

4. Knowledge in GPS (Global Positioning System)

Ψ Mobile Mapping GPS such as

Field CE.shp – Software

Instrument – CMT (Receiver)

Cornvallis Microtech Ltd, Orlando, US

B.Sc., Chemistry (spl) 2003 64.20%
The American College, Madurai - 2

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry,
Biology 2000 78.5%
P.N.U.A.P.T. Dorairaj
Higher Secondary School, Madurai – 1.

Mathematics, Science, Social Science 1998 79.6%
K.A.C.A. Arunachalam
Higher Secondary school, Madurai – 11.
5. Additional qualification:

Computer Knowledge

Certificate of Computer Applications

? MS Dos, WordStar, Basic


? MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint

Knowledge in Computer Language

? Visual Basic 6.0
6. Practical experiences at PG Level:
1) I have knowledge in different cartographic and thematic maps that have been prepared using various GIS software such as,
Map Info Professional 5.0
? Thematic map
? Point map (Dot map)
? Choropleth map
? Isarithmatic map
? Isopleth map
? Flow map
2) I also have knowledge in Digital Image Processing with the aid of the image processing software like ERDAS Imagine 8.4.
3) Skills in interpretation of the following data products
? SOI Toposheets
? Weather charts
? Stereogram
? Aerial photos
? Satellite imagery (IRS, LANDSAT, SPOT, IKONOS etc)

4) I got experienced manual cartographic techniques using standard cartographic tools during the
during the course period (2 Years).

7. Papers At Post Graduate Level:
Semester I
Basis of Earth Sciences, Basis of Remote Sensing and Aerial Photography, Elements of Cartography, Environmental Sciences, Practical I- Map Making and Air Photo Interpretation.
Semester II
Natural Resource Management, Principles of satellite Remote Sensing, Principles of Geographic Information System, Computer Basics and Digital Image Processing, Practical II- Computer application in Cartography and Digital Image Processing.
Semester III
Remote Sensing Application in Physical Environment, Application of Geographic Information System, Research Methods, GEO- Statistical and Analytical techniques, Urban Future.
Semester IV
Remote sensing application in Natural Resources Appraisal, Practical III- Remote Sensing and GIS Applications and Field study project work.

8. Extra curricular activities in Various Level:
1. Participated in Group Discussion in National conference on Climate Change and its impact on water resource in India held at Madurai Kamaraj University. - Water shed management & development action plan.
2. Participated in Quiz Competition held at Lady Doak College Madurai – 2.
3. Participated in Quiz Competition held at Madura College, Madurai – 11.
5. Participated in State level inter collegiate Annual Function organized by the UG Economics Association. The American College, Madurai – 2.
ή Pencil Drawing
ή Arts from waste
6. Participated in inter departmental/ Hostel, drawing competition held at The American College.
7. Participated in the intercollegiate One Day Seminar on Recent Trends in Chemistry held at
Fatima College, Madurai – 18.
8. Participated in Science Exhibition held at M.N.U. Jayaraj Nadar Higher Secondary School-
WINCH, Madurai – 19.
9. Participated in the Speech competition conducted by Bharathi Yuva Kendhra.
Participated in the KHO-KHO Game, belonging to Blue house, and senior cadre in the school annual sports conducted by K.A.C.A. Arunachalam higher secondary school, Madurai – 11.

9. General profile:
1. Father’s Name : B. Balasubramanian
2. Date of Birth : 03-04-1983
3. Sex : Male
4. Nationality : Hindu
5. Marital Status : Single
6. Communication address : #39, Balu Cycle Company,
Jaihindpuram 1st Street,
Madurai – 625 011. Tamilnadu.
7. E – Mail id : pganesh_mku @
8. Mobile No. : 98945 42489

Place: Madurai Yours faithfully,


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